To pay the telephone bill twice times the integral storage: Dafeng CTM credit card


Updated 2016.07.09: this card has launched advanced versions, Dafeng CTM VISA Signature Dining/Hotel/overseas a maximum of 6 times, score! MOP 2.5/change Asiamiles! Ring and the PP lounge for free!


To quickly accumulate enough credit card gift/redeem mileage, daily bits of expenditure to do integrals are required.

Such as CTM Dafeng launched a credit card, used to pay the CTM fees or shopping can be twice times the integral,

Taobao charges halved, CTM-free deposits, Zun Yi preferences and so on,

But if a Platinum can enjoy birthday double points month, airport lounges and other

And there is no annual fee, only for CTM telephone also good