Bus card/store card to accumulate miles/points: Macau pass/Visa card/Moneyback


Take the bus, went shopping in the supermarket or to a number of small and medium sized restaurants to eat at,

These fine zero consumption, can be converted into credit card points!

Very simple, using a credit card charge Macau pass can,

Macau pass has been undertaken and Dafeng, Wing hang and commercial bank credit cooperative,

Opening of Macau pass card bonus, you need personally to the Macau pass customs, carrying credit cards, identity cards and cards in Macao.

You should add value, using a mobile APP or select credit card automatic cycle can add value.

Details: https://www.macaupass.com/detail/5486705b/35.html

Accepted Macau at present, many supermarket/7-11/OK through checkout, even Koizumi these restaurants are starting to accept the Macau pass, small series of very easy to use!



In addition, the Dafeng has launched co-branded Visa cards, as equivalent to membership (Jetso card),

Yu Lai to count the day score by a few times, no annual fee,

And Platinum (birthday twice times, score is valid for 3 years, VIP etc), kayou may also wish to consider applying for,

The Visa payWave technology to come to the checkout just "beep" payment check without signature.

In addition, cooperation with Asiamiles, could have been 25lailai for 1 AM! See this


Details: http://www.BOCI.com.hk/Macau/Chi/creditcard/boci_cc_sc_loyalcard.htm





In addition, if Bai Jia Feng Ze/Watson/trader to consumption, can also apply for Moneyback (https://www.moneyback.com.hk/Web/UserLogin.do)

Besides Moneyback can accumulate and redeem a gift voucher, can also be converted into Asiamiles miles!

But poor Rate, about 40 Yuan/.