A listed Macao airline miles credit card storage!

Macao miles credit card is not too much,

SmartCard for kayou finishing this time!

Mileage Plan
(Chart to zoom, 2016/08/04)


Simply put, Macau's number two credit cards in cooperation projects,

1. storage Asia Miles:

Please apply the following 3 card:

  • The banker CTM Visa Signature double integral (restaurant/hotel/overseas debit of up to MOP for 2.5-5/, details)
  • Atlantic asiamiles VISA card (daily charge 10-12/MOP,
    * Special promotion: by 31/12/2017, 6th week local catering single sign in 1000 or minimum 2 Yuan/overseas single sign twice times the 1000 miles) (details)
  • AE Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways cards (Shankar HKD/4 statue!) (Details)

Outside use 3 cards, or to accompany Dafeng of China UnionPay credit cards, only breaking Dafeng of China UnionPay card points to Asia miles,

China UnionPay card benefit is to charge fees when abroad.

Detailed comparison chart (chart to enlarge):

AM card


2. Phoenix storage companion

You have credit card options:

  • The banker CTM Visa Signature
  • Tai Fung Bank line of credit cards
  • Silver Phoenix Salon signed card
  • Silver Phoenix Salon signed card
  • ICBC travel card



About Hong Kong AE application:
Macao residents may apply to Hong Kong the United States American Express card (HKD),
Repayment only Wing hang in Macau to HKD account opening, then open PPS payment function (in person at new road Wing hang PPS machine settings)
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About Dafeng with the Bank in Macau:
Tai Fung bank credit cards are actually provided by BOC credit card (International) Limited (commonly known as card Division) distribution,
While Bank of China has in recent years started their own a credit card,
Two different institutions,
Bank of China so be careful because there are confusion, owing to the different integral planning



Credit card connection as follows:

Atlantic Asia Miles card: https://www.bnu.com.mo/cn/personal/credit-debit-cards/Pages/asia-miles.aspx

ICBC ICBC travel MasterCard: http://www.ICBC.com.Mo/?m=index&s=card&lang=zh_TW&artid=6627&fnav=356&fav=92

Joint ICBC ICBC Air China card: http://www.ICBC.com.Mo/?m=index&s=card&lang=zh_TW&artid=3779&fnav=357&fav=92

Silver currency Airways credit card: http://www.bocmacau.com/bcservice/BC2/201503/t20150311_4716381.html

Overseas Wing hang Platinum card (points-for-Eva/Qantas/CX): http://www.ocbcwhmac.com/Chi/card/creditcard/credit_card_platinum_card.html

Visa Signature of commercial banks (points for Qatar/CAL/Thai/Bangkok Airways and Etihad Airways, scheduled for the end of 2016): https://www.bcm.com.Mo/TC/signature_card.php

(This article does not regularly updated)