Macau high-end credit card list

More and more with people who have a credit card, credit card ratings are beginning to change,

For example, only the normal–> Gold–> Platinum card/titanium (Titanium gold sometimes higher)

Platinum now launched:
World World card (Master)
World Elite card in the world (Master)
Infinite infinite card (Visa)
Signature royal seal card (Visa)
Diamond Diamond Card (Cup)
Black Black (United States express)

These basically require some high income, or if the banks invited to apply for, more services will also be provided.

Macau offering high-end card is not for the time being, there are 6 are as follows:

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High-end cards _NEW

(Updated 2016.7.22)


1. the silver Visa Infinite (Web site)


Make enquiries to the Bank, which currently is the only credit card can enjoy unlimited access to PP VIP Suite!
But has the priority channel, additional services such as personal assistant and Visa Infinite an exclusive concession, was invited by the Bank's customers can request!


2. Commercial Bank Visa Signature-website

BCM has a low threshold of Visa Signature,

Special is that this card is currently the only participating hotels in Macau will score card (website related program information is deleted in the near future, pending announcement.See BLOG article)

Free use of Lounge 2 PP (later consume 40,000 to 1), the applicant requested salary MOP50 million, card no annual fee.


3. Wing hang VIVA overseas Chinese Visa Signature-website

OCBC also introduced a Visa Signature, the main push back each year for free in Lounge 2 PP.

Applicants require annual MOP30 million.


4. Dafeng CTM VISA Signature (Web site)



Main features:

  • Unlimited free access to the global "VIP lounge" (2017.12.31 ago)
  • Local restaurants, hotels and offshore debit-3 times.Sign of the month 6 times for over 15000 times (2017.12.31 ago)
  • Shopping/CTM twice for double points, free deposits and respect one other concessions before December 31 automatic transfer fee with this card apply for a CTM can give 100 Yuan debit amount
  • Buy brokerage 0.168% with an electronic channel rebate per transaction of stock trading 10
  • Dafeng tourism for 80 percent

More visible: Dafeng CTM VISA Signature Dining/Hotel/overseas a maximum of 6 times, score! MOP 2.5/change Asiamiles! Ring and the PP lounge for free!


Regardless of the Dafeng above, BCM or OCBC Visa Signature get Visa Signature benefits – see the
Such as Mandarin Oriental, Macau tea buy 1 get 1 free-see this


5. Bank of China currency credit cards wealth (China UnionPay Platinum/VISA Platinum) website

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"Wealth management clients" and "Silver banking customers" invited by the Bank to apply for the card,

Features no annual fee, free foreign currency transaction fees, field a charge send insurance, sign a 200-Yuan rebate 1 for unlimited free access to the Macao International airport lounges.

Because "wealth management clients" and "Silver banking customers" application for other silver coin card can enjoy the same rights,

So customers can also give up 200 back 1, to apply for the Phoenix meeting joint cards (10/).


6. Most unexpected is that has little room for promotion of international bank credit card, issued China UnionPay diamond card (UnionPay-branded top)!



This card is a card three coins (MOP/HKD/RMB),

Master card for free using our airport and airport Plaza in Macau VIP Room 3 times,

Applicant's annual salary of $ 150,000 may apply a threshold is not high.

In addition, some qualified diamond card is only applicable discounts, see:





Looking after that Macao has more high-end card launch, and then to introduce!