Other products: Visa/Master/Union Prepaid cards, stored value cards, electronic money

In addition to credit cards, a Macao banks/companies, but we also have to issue prepaid cards, stored value cards, electronic money card products such as package,

Although the name is not the same, but are basically saving to the card, then consumption concept, different from the credit card first and then pay concept.


Macao introduced similar products:

Prepaid cards (for the first time after recharging, can no longer recharge, use disposable, suitable for gift giving, or no card to travel or short term use)

1. ICBC China UnionPay cards in advance (optional MOP or CNY)


2. Li Yue of commercial bank cards (Visa, MOP)

BCM For U gift card2


Stored-value card/e-currency (repeated recharging):

1. BOC Macao e-currency card (Cup, MOP and RMB dual currency)
See card Quick Pass and UPcash, two marks on his face,

Currently, Macau and many of the Mainland companies have to accept these two signs consumption

On the card, "du" card check, which is very convenient.

Details: http://www.bocmacau.com/bcservice/BC4/


2. Macau pass cross-border bus Flash Fuka huatong travel/stored value cards (Cup, MOP and RMB dual currency)

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3.  Bentley wine world membership (Master)

Spending over 2000 available at the shop, the cards issued by MasterCard in the Mainland,

Most important feature within the prepaid stored-value services and credit card functions,

Cardholders can deposit to a credit card online, user-friendly control budget, maximum deposit limit of $ 250,000.