1 minute access to Mastercard global Global Cash card (need to city accounts and mobile phones)

Small series of leisure time to enjoy my card product, this time to introduce the world's Global Cash card

Card type: repeatable prepaid card (virtual/real cards)

Currency: RMB/HKD

Applicant requirements: a mainland mobile phone and account,

Annual fee: none, but 6 months without the use of RMB 10 fees

Features: the application that is using, convenient

Unnamed 123

Official website: https://www.globalcash.hk/index.jsp

Basically, this card can be used online for immediate, no application gateway can also apply to entities (an extra in store purchase),

Demand for MasterCard, kayou but not in applications for credit cards.

Le Tour, but can also participate in the MasterCard: https://mastercardrewards.CN/zh-CHS/