Wallet is swollen?Storing all credit card or debit card, bus cards, membership cards!

Small series of current credit card has 6, 4 other ATM card, coupled with the Mannings, Macau pass card

Just has more than a dozen cards in the body,

Although there is already a mobile phone app can directly save the NFC payment card data,

But consumer cards commonly used entities,

Recently noticed one card began to launch very excited!

Product has been discussed several years ago, but beginning in 2015 is the official product launch

A card can record more than one card data

There are 4 main brands on the market, namely: SWYP, Plastc, Coin and Stratos,

Accept United States only that persons booking outside Plastc (small series also think it's the best!)

Video introduction:

Untitled 213

Xiao bian recommended book links, will receive $ $20 discount–> https://share.plastc.com/x/imUyiF

July 14 update shipment dates: Plastc declared in 2016, the 4th quarter of shipment.

Plastc regular price $ $155, in addition to card attached to a charger (Yes, charge, charge card available for about 30 days),

When booking you can choose Macao, postal code filled with 999078.


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