Macau Chinese silver currency card: VISA-free foreign currency transaction fee and send out travel insurance! No annual fee! optional storage (bosom friend) or refund!

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BOC Macao in recent years launched his own series of currency, credit cards, first named currency, but consumption turned out to be all foreign currency will be converted into MOP settlement (but if is Union pay RMB repayment available), not a card has more than one currency.

The advantage of this card is:

(1). Whether Union or VISA, all foreign currency transaction fee-free! This is very rare in Macau!

Because VISA charges in Macau in General 1.95% overseas charge fees, VISA and foreign currency exchange rates.Very suitable for large overseas consumption, such as international student tuition

(2). Get travel insurance and just 1 in overseas consumption to enjoy 7 days tour (click here to see terms), and consumption can be extended to 6 months

If you want to live overseas for a long time, as long as you keep the credit card will be awarded one more insurance,

Insurance objects because it states that "before I left Macau to Macau":

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(3). Consumption of 6 times per year annual fee waiver, an unlimited amount!

(4). May also apply for Union or VISA for various purposes, China UnionPay cards using available Renminbi Yuan consumption loan repayments.

(5). May apply on-demand fashion/food/Panda, consumption will automatically refund 1 per 200 Yuan if Phoenix storage PhoenixMiles mileage, can apply for a companion card, 10 Yuan/.

(6). 60,000 RMB yuan per year, free Priority Pass lounge of the year below 2 times, spending 100,000 for 5 times (see articles).Number and friends free deductible, not only limited to cardholder.


However, BOC card requirements are as follows:

1. More than 150,000 a year, make deposits regularly to fail to apply for

2. In bank accounts or business contacts

3. If the old silver, it will be easier for new cards