Atlantic AsiaMiles cards: local issues minimum MOP10/



In Macau, if you want to find a simple AsiaMiles storage card,

When is Bank Atlantic AsiaMiles affiliated cards, (if you want more miles faster, consider applications for AE Hong Kong Cathay Pacific card, see this)

The Platinum and gold cards, Platinum 10/, gold 12/, is the lowest rate in Macao.Automatically recorded every month, no longer have to pay the fee exchange.

Note: the Atlantic card automatically transfers all accounts or financial costs such as taxes, are not in


2016.09.24 Update: AsiaMiles VISA card free of charge within 12 months of the issuing 3 PP airport lounges


Orientation still OK, checked MOP 5000/6000 get 5000, respectively.



The latest promotion, before December 31, 2017, the local restaurant week 6th single sign full MOP 1000,

2/for Platinum and Gold 2.4/(Note week 6th and single sign).

Overseas signing bills with MOP 1000, will be offered twice in number. (Offer details)


Difficulty of application, Atlantic credit card approval is required:

Platinum is more difficult to apply annual salary required 400,000, does not meet the requirements to customers to make deposits regularly,

Gold asked 150,000 annual salary.


Home care remedy:
1. Small series of discover and new road headquarters of the Atlantic, the eligibility requirements will be more stringent.Bank staff will directly apply, so wants to increase a Platinum opportunity … … May try to find some small branch
2. Asiamile for air tickets and plans to help relatives and friends, so you can apply for a master card, apply for supplementary cards for use by families, allow miles to work accumulated into the same Asia Miles account.(One of the small series is also applied for a supplementary card, may also improve the opportunity to apply for Platinum card)
3. Annual fee is MOP of Platinum 1200, generally have some spending may be canceled.


Other credit card in comparison: a listed Macao airline miles credit card storage!