Macau VIP room of the credit card program at a glance



Macau VIP room plan credit card with Platinum or higher order card,

And the number of VIP lounge program Priority Pass (PP), the Plaza and the Macau International airport lounges,

Generally speaking, as long as a year when spending a certain amount, you can next year to enjoy free usage

Visible in the table below:

VIP room

(Updated 2016/9/24.Chart to enlarge, this table is for reference only and is subject to Bank announcement for details)


Can be seen in the above table:

1. ICBC UnionPay dual currency/tour MASTER Platinum for free in the Mainland 48 silver lounge, and in addition to individual airports, many of which are allowed to bring a friend for free to enter, however most restrictions aboard domestic flights can be used, take from Hong Kong, Macao, or cannot be used for international flights.

2. Silver coins in cassette with a number and are available free.Other banks are restricted to the cardholder to use, my friend entered the charge.

3. Macau airport lounges operated by Plaza lounge, but also join Priority Pass, so PP card can also be used to enter Macau airport lounges, before using to query the issuing bank shall prevail.


At present, some cards can enjoy the direct number for free:

  • Dafeng CTM VISA Signature free PP lounges and designate the Plaza lounge (2017.12.31 ago)
  • ICBC VISA infinite can be used unlimited times free PP lounge
  • Atlantic AsiaMiles Visa delivered the first 3 free PP lounge
  • Commercial Bank VISA signature sent the first 2 times free PP lounge
  • VIVA Wing Hang Bank VISA Signature 2 times per year free PP lounge
  • Wealth card free of charge into Macau airport lounges, and can bring a friend
  • ICBC China UnionPay Platinum free access to about 50 airport lounges (this is easy to apply!)
  • International Diamond Bank UnionPay card free access to Hong Kong and Macau, Plaza VIP Room 3 times (this is also very easy to apply!)
  • AE Hong Kong Cathay Pacific privilege card (principal or supplementary card) unlimited free access to the specified Asian lounge (list), the other main card VIP room of the first 4 free PP
  • City, issued by JCB Gold/Platinum for free in domestic golden century VIP rooms, and 9 in the urban area of the JCB PLAZA LOUNGE.Platinum free access to Japan and Hawaii JCB at the airport VIP room.




  • Free times charge fulfilment is generally measured in each card, Dafeng (BOC credit card companies) charge 60,000 will get 2 times a year, not at Dafeng, a debit card 30,000, Dafeng b card charge 30,000, must have a card free number available to charge up to 60,000.(BUT: silver coin card is different, but VISA and UnionPay credit taken together.)
  • In addition, if applicable, Priority Pass, you need to apply to the clerk at the same time PP card to get into the VIP room (some banks may charge annual fee for this card, such as BOC would charge MOP 30 per year, but if a charge well enough, to avoid in the coming year.)
  • Finally, if you already have PP card, then when you apply for a credit card, do you need to apply for a PP card? PP in different bank cards cannot be shared, to separate applications.But if you are in the same bank has more than one credit card, usually apply for a PP card can be held together with a bank with a credit card.Dafeng per card issued in the past of a PP card, so it's best to know unequivocally to the issuing bank.


More details: gesture of some airport lounges



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  8. AE, Hong Kong:
  9. City, JCB http://www.jcbcard.CN/CS/campaign/ch_airpot-lounge/