Super hide! 0 cost ICBC appointment domestic airport lounges for free!

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ICBC Macau website on credit cards have been a shorter,

Small series of only recently discovered, the original silver dual currency Platinum and silver around the world Platinum card (MASTER) can use about 50 domestic airports for free silver lounge, and is not listed on the website.


ICBC are generally located in the VIP room at the airport lounge area who work with banks, small series have used 2 visible:


Due to Bank staff said, the Bank generally do not charge annual fees, applying to the threshold is low, will basically grant Platinum

So can be said to be 0 cost used to Silver VIP services at home.


Silver VIP list (basically, major cities in the Mainland have):

However most restrictions aboard domestic flights can be used, take from Hong Kong, Macao, or cannot be used for international flights.


In addition, enjoy:

1. the new card to 250 Yuan from Bill signed account

2. the Platinum or gold credit card ticket, traffic ticket, hotel global travel insurance

3. travel around the world consumption of Platinum into PhoenixMiles mileage Phoenix, 9/(Rate in Macao is not bad), such as the number of interest-free, can apply for China UnionPay dual currency Platinum points for gifts/charge amount, and so on.

4. Birthday month twice times the score of Platinum (note cards in no twice times)

5. Platinum cover land, sea and air transport costs, automatic travel insurance

6. Universal preferential travel card in the city, there are other themes, see this.