Tali Macao plans comparison: Asia Miles vs Phoenix Phoenix



Tali Macao has two main programmes in cooperation with credit cards, namely the Asia miles and Phoenix salon,

To reserve change cards in Macao, it is best to know the difference of the two plans,

The following chart lists some basic differences:

Asia Miles Phoenix Salon
Macao's cooperation to apply to card 1. AE Hong Kong Cathay Pacific privilege card (consumer consumption as overseas in Macau) HKD 6/1.5; Cathay Pacific General card in HKD 8/1.5
2. Atlantic AsiaMiles MOP 10/Platinum, gold in the MOP/12
3. HSBC in the MOP/25
4. Dafeng 15 points are worth 1
1. Dafeng 8 points are worth 1
2. Universal silver or silver Qantas Platinum card in MOP 9/, a gold MOP 10/
3. MOP 10/air silver coin card
For air tickets 1. Cathay Pacific/Dragonair
2. Asia Miles members and members of the universal family tickets
* Air China also joined Asia miles, so we can also get air ticket.
1. Air China series (Air Macau/Shenzhen/Shandong/Tibet)
2. Other Star Alliance ticket, another for uni/Pegasus/d diagnosis specified routes
* Due to the cooperation with Cathay Pacific has also for Cathay Pacific flights
Gameplay richness Tickets to relay 2, stay 2 times and open a ticket can play a number of places, CP values skyrocket 1. Can open, but not stay
2. Otherwise difficult global vote to do many times travel
Ticket discounts From time to time launch tickets-discount activities Announcements on a regular basis during the season.Off-season discounts for tickets.But season to 1.5 times or even twice the number can change.
For ease of operation Online, using a credit card to pay taxes Available online, but do not accept international credit cards, taxes, need to have city credit card, or to Air China and Qantas offices fees
Departure Line than Hong Kong Airport, Macao people more convenient, cheap Hong Kong taxes are generally higher than International line than Shanghai/Beijing, inconvenience to the Macao people.City, based on the tax on international flights, generally more expensive than Hong Kong, and the number value is greatly reduced.Replaceable air Macau flights.
Mileage validity More than 3 years More than 3 years
For reference only, according to the official description of the plan shall prevail.

(Updated 2016/11/4)

Phoenix salon in addition to change the Covenant and Air Macau flights can also be for Cathay Pacific flights.(See this)


AsiaMiles advantages:

1. Based on international routes than Hong Kong, taxes and surcharges are generally cheaper.

2. Plane, travel, gap, etc, can a play a few more locations! <–The advantage CP values of Asia miles up to a lot!

3. Use AE Cathay Hong Kong (HKD/4) of the current number can be stored inside the fastest change!


Phoenix Salon:

1. There is a special low season packages, can specify a line discount for air tickets during the season (but limited direct flights can't turn and will specify the actual airline carriers), should also pay attention to the low season for travel time to be fixed.

2. Replaceable air Macau flights.

3. As for international routes starting from the Mainland, taxes and surcharges will generally be more expensive than Hong Kong, the number value is greatly reduced.


Existing Macao aviation membership program merged with the Phoenix salon,

Now for starting from Macau to mainland China/Taiwan/Korea/Southeast Asia (see below),

But in recent years has had many cheap airlines take off to these areas, with miles for a ticket is worth, you need to measure.

Phoenix salon and Qantas looks forward to the future cooperation deepened, to introduce more preferential lines out of Macau s.

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