Macau Paypal withdrawal methods: Payoneer card global payment services

Besides shopping, Paypal, but can also be used for collection, convenience shop doing business owners money,

Reserve money in Paypal, if you want to remove, and currently has the following methods:

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1. Wire transfers to the mainland account Fee USD35, very expensive

2. Paypal to transfer the money to Hong Kong (HKD3.5), Hong Kong Bank opening in Macau, but to store at least HKD 10,000 in account, otherwise deducted monthly management fee

3. Apply for cheque (USD5)

4. Paypal to transfer money into the United States account, this article describes how to use Payoneer to obtain a United States resident.Finally putting money back in your own bank account, or use Payoneer debit card issued, ATM withdrawals in Macau.



For Payoneer card global payment services, namely, registered,

Payoneer will give users a virtual United States/euro/British pound/Japanese Yen accounts

When you register, you need to provide a data bank in China and related certification.

After the virtual account to collect money in the future, you can transfer money to their bank accounts.(* With a Chinese registration page)


In addition, the user after registration you can choose whether to apply for a Payoneer MasterCard debit card which costs about USD 30,

This card can be used to obtain a global ATM Payoneer account balances, such as ATM machines make money in Macau, due to foreign currency exchange fees will be expensive.





After successful registration,

Users to PAYPAL the money, transferred to the United States account (Payoneer will charge 1% fees),

And then

1. Card users: ATM withdrawals around the world (USD3.15/), such as ATM made in Macau patacas, exchange rates are calculated in MasterCard bulletins, and another currency conversion fee of up to 3%.

2. No card account: Payoneer virtual account money can be transferred to the Mainland accounts (each turned at least USD 150, 2% fees).


Due to process at least 3% before and after fees, the user should consider whether it is worth it.


Fee schedule:


Download (1)




Related settings described below:

Registered good Payoneer, you can go back to Paypal,

Set up transfers to the United States account, in page, select checking accounts (see the following figure), and then enter the Payoneer to your United States virtual account data can be



There are small addendum link to register, receiving over USD100 USD25 Yuan reward!–>

Links above the page in English, please change language to Chinese to register again


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