Online buy travel insurance-get it! 1 miles!

Although some credit card to pay transit fares or consumption abroad will send a basic travel insurance

Such as white gold and silver currency cards and so on.

But if more protection, you need to buy travel insurance.

Most online banks now offer insurance products,

Or, for example, o-linked insurance Web site specializes in providing online insurance is very convenient,

Buy travel insurance as protection while can storage!

Small series introduced this time is an online insurance sites on the Mainland: Hi swim (

The station is the only one to buy a tourist walk miles for title insurance website,

Insurance may be Phoenix Phoenix/eastern/southern/mainland major airlines such as Xiamen Airlines miles,

Visible image below for different products are giving double miles! Such as airlines delay 50 Yuan RMB to send 300, converting 1-6!



And the network provides travel insurance product is more abundant than local,

Provides insurance for trip delay, for example (aviation delay risks),

Which individual products in a plane delay compensation for up to 1 hour (currently applicable only continental flights),

Usual tourism is generally 5-6 hours to delay compensation.

Of course, since the insurance companies in the Mainland, while accepting the coverage of Macao residents, the site also offers online file a claim,

But if you really need to apply for large claims, processing will trouble is also needs to be considered.