Phoenix Salon: a table comparing how many miles are needed to change the air/Cathay Pacific/Star Alliance and Air Macau flights

Phoenix Salon system except for the purpose of Air China (Tibet//Shenzhen, Shandong, etc) or Air Macau ticket

Can also change by Cathay Pacific or Star Alliance member air tickets

But standards are not the same, cause members to check a lot of tables to compare,

Small series of finishing a round-trip ticket number starting from Hong Kong, Macao and comparative tables:


Chart to enlarge.


Can be seen in the above table,

Phoenix Air China PhoenixMiles mileage may not be changed his ticket's best, such as for Cathay Pacific first class generally are less in number.

Most of international routes and Air China in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities.Is not convenient for the residents of Macao.

Fuel costs are also generally more expensive international flights of Air China.


In the most basic of Macau-Taiwan flight:

Back and forth with PhoenixMiles mileage for Air Macau Taiwan needs 45,000 miles,

But if change in Eva air of Star Alliance, only 36,000 miles.


And another, more famous for law is the use of companion-for Cathay Pacific first class to Europe, just 110,000.


As the Phoenix meeting will launch Canadian off-season discounts, so the above may not be completely absolute, recent discounts are as follows,

Comparison may refer to:


In practice change,

Companion website is available to award ticket can only display their ticket of Air China, Shandong Airlines/airline/Air Macau,

-For-Hill aviation/airline/Air Macau flights available to the operation, or call the Phoenix Salon switchboard,

Then the domestic credit card to pay taxes and fuel surcharges.

(For Air Macau flights for the time being can only call or directly to Air Macau Office, tickets are sold online can't be done.)


If you do not have the domestic credit card, you can call the Phoenix companion phone, first Commissioner to help you have a reservation,

And then in person to the Office of Air China tax costs.


Using companion-for Cathay Pacific or Star Alliance airline tickets it will be more trouble,

Unable to online operations, only use Canada Aviation Aeroplan Web site to check whether the flight–> website

After the investigation, call the Air China Office, treat service personnel to operate in a telephone exchange.