Shenzhen Baoan airport lounge: 2015.11


ICBC introduced before Macao has two cards, free domestic Silver VIP room (see this),

Small series in early November by the Shenzhen Baoan airport, will take the opportunity to experience,

Bao an airport VIP room by an outsourced company responsible for,

Focus on the security of another building, in addition to ICBC's VIP room, but there are also other lounges.


At the entrance, officers will check for valid credit card to enter,

Meanwhile, this can also check in, baggage, obtain your boarding pass, is basically the same as airline counters



Interior space:






Upon admission, a beverage coupons will be issued, to enjoy a meal:

wpid-wp-1449887346418.jpeg  wpid-wp-1449887142641.jpeg



Officers will be reminded when boarding your flight, VIP channel through security, and finally by the car to the aircraft's Gate:







For free!!