Beijing Capital Airport lounge: 2015.12


In December, the small series as transit through Beijing, similarly, also used the silver lounge access benefits of Macao (travel/China UnionPay dual currency Platinum Platinum),

Beijing Capital Airport has 3 terminals, this share is located within the 3rd terminal security c (domestic flights) lounge

In addition, cardholders have access to business guests at the airport channel (CIP channel), avoid long security queues


Staff will verify that the credit card is in a valid state, effective through:

wpid-wp-1449887030608.jpeg wpid-wp-1449887024879.jpeg



Meanwhile, visitors will be given an admission into VIP room card, indicate the location of lounges:wpid-wp-1449887019412.jpeg


In the entrance to, in fact, is shared with other VIP room of the Bank:



Although signs are written the China Merchants Bank, but because it is a shared, directly into it, officers will check the admission cardwpid-p_20151202_104848.jpg



Offers simple snacks and hot and cold drinks:

wpid-wp-1449886998330.jpeg wpid-wp-1449886961673.jpeg


Small and comfortable environment, built-in tablet computer free movies, the same customer who reminded boarding timewpid-p_20151202_082330.jpg

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