PayByVouchers virtual JCB card


Small series is actually a Japan fans,

Always wanted a Japan brand JCB credit cards,

But Macau has no banks issuing JCB cards,

Recently discovered the Philippines one of the JCB issuance company OmniPay service PayByVouchers launched an online virtual JCB card,

Can be filled online in JCB card (accept UnionPay cards and credit card charge), JCB, after Internet consumption.

Official website:



However, looking at this ridiculously expensive to service,

Used to charge USD 15 fee for the first time! Subsequent added value to the 4% costs, there are a whole lot of without additional fee (see this)

OS: such a premium service will really attract people to use?

This article only describes, but does not recommend this service.(Together with the website design is very simple, I am not feeling safe)