BitGold Mastercard gold card



Gold price fluctuations in recent years, attract investment in gold,

Foreign company Bitgold launched the gold card (master debit card),

Gold trading and use more convenient,

Customers can use online credit card (accept UnionPay cards) to buy physical gold (1% fee), in the account (available in different parts of the Treasury),

Bitgold provides cash back 2 and 1 back gold way:

  • Gold grain Home mailing address (required postage)
  • Sell gold online operations (pay 1% fees), sold the funds may choose to wire transfer to the specified bank account (subject to receipt), or add value to the card.



Savings card to temporarily provide dollars/pounds/euro currency card (that is, if want to deposit your gold card to sell, you can only select 3 currencies),

To obtain a global ATM cash or for credit card.

No annual fee for this card there is no application fee.

Xiao bian recommended links sign up to 0.5 g of gold!



  • Buy gold temporarily to Canada settled in Renminbi, carefully organize your 1.95% card currency conversion fees, preferably using UnionPay cards or no fee credit cards to buy gold
  • As stored in the card currency is currently only available in US dollars/pounds/euros 3 choices, consumption or presented at the ATM when used for other foreign currencies foreign currency cash (such as HKD/MOP, are not in the currency of the card itself), there will be a currency conversion fee 2.75%.
  • Other cards are shown in tables (



Small series that this card is not suitable for daily consumption,

More appropriate as a way of investing, to buy gold after the gold price rises,

Convenient back cash from ATM machines or for foreign consumption.



In ATM cash withdrawal, in order to avoid currency exchange fees, to provide the currency of cash ATM withdrawals is good, at present Hong Kong and Macau Hong Kong Airport Travelax ATM provides extract dollars and other foreign currencies.(See this)


This product is similar to the Macau Bank's "paper gold" or mortgage products, see also comparison.