Macau Visa registration Checkout and MasterPass

Visa and Master Masterpass and recently introduced a new payment services, Checkout,

In addition to the emphasis on consumption is no longer directly providing outside data safe at cards,

Also active for this product launch Promo,

For example to use Visa checkout zuji booking flights and packages, the maximum rebate HKD 300 (see this)

MasterPass Zuji 8% discount (see this)

However, at the time of registration, Macao residents will still need some tricks to successfully register,

This small series to introduce:


1. Visa Checkout:



Visa registration Checkout is simple, just email to,

But Macau card temporary majority could not successfully connected,

Small series of tests temporarily can successfully connected to Macau, is a banker of HK VISA Platinum card (note not Dafeng HK MasterCard), other card more netizens.


2. Masterpass–(Portal)

MasterPass registration more complicated needs to have Hong Kong or the Mainland mobile phone number, but after successful registration, you can change back to Macao mobile phone number

Enter Home Hou, click on "other bodies"





Press "registration" requires Hong Kong mobile phone, if there is, then please register here





If there is no Hong Kong mobile, but city cell phones, can be converted to United States Web site (because China has not fully opened masterpass registration),




Phone code will begin with +1, and can be directly registered with the city, mobile phone




After registration, masterpass connected not only MasterCard, also related to VISA card and other card game.

Phone number of the phone can also be changed back to Macau