End of the year, whether you just short of consumption?

2015 will soon be over, do not know kayou spending targets are reached?

For example, most of the VIP room of the Bank's plans to "previous year" charge to decide "in the coming year" number of free use,

Xiao bian Tai Fung credit card is used by over 60,000 free 2 times due to small series of Dafeng credit card,

Naïve to think that last year only need to charge a total over 60,000,

Upon enquiry, it was "the same card" spending 60,000 donated 2 VIP rooms

So end of may wish to contact the banks under much worse, to reach the guest-room doors.


If only a little charge, you can meet the spending target, but don't want to spend money,

Xiao bian recommended a "subtle" approach

Is to add value to "Macau pass"/points cards/stored value cards, and so on,

At present, the wing hang/Dafeng/BCM credit cards can use the mobile APP to add value, such as (details),

In addition, like the Starbucks kayou, can also add value to the Starbucks Cards (details), made more concessions.

Outside the country, the consumer may not be counted towards the score, but Macao credit card have access points


The following year, also looked for major banks to introduce more products and promotions to benefit Macao friends ~