Minimum HKD/4!! United States American Express Cathay Pacific credit card (CX AE)

2016/4/19 update:

AE strengthening referral program (by 2016/12/31):

Recommended by the old card, new successful card can earn extra miles!

For example by a small link click apply,

Cathay Pacific Airways Privilege card (Xiao bian recommended links, new successful batch of cards in 2000 Asia miles+ the online application can be extra extra: 2500)

Xiaobian recommended link<—-></—->
Or click the image below to apply for

Untitled 2

Cathay Pacific credit card (Xiao bian recommended links, new successful card can be an additional 1500 Asia Miles+ apply online extra: 2500)

Xiaobian recommended link<—-></—->

Or click the image below to apply for



** Note that this referral program is subject to the card data to promote new, if you would like to recommend a friend, do not use the card data to pitch, or number without additional referrals.






In Macao, in addition to local bank credit card,

Storage Asia miles, there's another option,

Is issued by the Hong Kong United States American Express (AE)  

Hong Kong AE card were issued Green/Gold/Platinum charge cards and credit cards; BlueCash card,

And the most popular one is in storage Cathay Pacific credit card (divided into Deluxe Edition/version),

Compared to other AE, the card has a larger storage offers:

1. At a lower rate in Exchange for Asia Miles mileage

2. Charge directly into miles, no longer have to pay the fee and join the AE double plus rewards program
(Other AE must pay to join the scheme, for miles at a time to pay fees.)

3. Principal card and supplementary card free use airport lounges

Detailed comparison visible:
A listed Macao airline miles credit card storage!
Macau VIP room of the credit card program at a glance


AE was deterring small series are the main reasons:

Foreign currency consumer fees tall AE, AE applied for a Hong Kong HKD cards in Macao with a MOP consumption or any other non-HKD consumption,

Officially 2% additional fees

BUT! See users and small series of personal use in the near future,

AE MOP consumption Charge, can be said to be very friendly, overturns the concept of small series, can be seen below:




(Thanks to share)

Simply put, in charge of Macao MOP 100, AE around will take HKD 97.18 settlement.

<即按 1="" hkd="mop" 1.028~029=""  (已含2%手續費)=""></即按>


In addition to Hong Kong for AE, in Macau in MOP consumption, AE is regarded as overseas transactions,

Overseas transactions compared to the local charge, earning more miles!!! (See photo)

Unnamed Untitled 2


Therefore, CX speed victory over Macao in the benefit of AE and store all credit card!



  • Because the CX AE need to sign the annual 150,000 (privilege cards, annual fees 1800) or 100,000 (card, the annual fee of 980) next year to avoid fees
    Recommendations may apply once for 1 main 2 supplementary cards (supplementary card free OH), many people use that may be simply removed from the annual fee,
    But this advantage is because asiamiles an account can help other 5 people for air tickets,
    Cumulative consumption of the principal card and supplementary card into the same account more quickly to exchange for tickets!
  • Family, of course, the respective applications after a batch of cards, and then recommend b, 2 people each earn new miles.
  • Also has anyone exemption from paying annual fees, by opening a card 1 year later, recommended b sound cards, a CUT card, again 1 year later, b Shen recommended a card again, repeatedly earning orientation.


Macau applying to AE is to pay attention to where:

  • General not directly no annual fee (charge fulfilment needs to avoid).
  • Repayment must be Wing hang open an account open PPS payment functions (teaching: PPS PPS for Macau Hong Kong AE card number.) Can also be used to send cheque payments.
  • Merchants accept AE card less.(It is recommended to apply for another Atlantic used ASIA MILES VISA card).
  • Macau BNU AE card POS machine can be brush, if you see the store POS is BNU, you can try AE card should be able to successfully charge.
  • AE in Macao less consumer preferences, to see AE card merchant or benefits that are available, see Atlantic Bank Web site–> click here


Currently CPA inauguration ceremony is also very rich in AE,

Check HKD5000 first 3 months free 5000 (main card + card can be combined),

Overseas charge calculated on a HKD3/in the first 3 months (up to 30,000)!


Also be aware that the Macao Bank Atlantic a AE card applications

But note that AE AE card issued in Macau and Hong Kong program is completely different, such as the inability to change the flight number, and so on.