Macao's only Hotel Rewards credit card: BCM VISA Signature

High-end credit cards in Macao, have introduced VISA Signature of BCM (official website),

This card was special, in addition to the integral into some local less mainstream Airlines miles (also not easy to change to a ticket),

Points can also be replaced with Agoda coupon,

Or into Hyatt Hotels Gold Passport members plan points

2016.7.5 Update: end of 2016 BCM will suspend Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways/QATAR/CAL/ETIHAD and HYATT hotels Gold Passport program of cooperation, expired points cannot be transferred to the affiliate program



16,000 points-for-500-Hyatt, BCM consumption VISA Signature card is 1 to 2 minutes,

So we actually charge 8,000 can get 500 Hyatt (MOP-16/Hyatt)

These can be for free housing, and law,

HYATT Hotels Singapore is divided into 7 levels, see below




Most low-level trade 5000 points for free housing (that is, charge MOP $ 80,000),

Or use + payment methods to change, such as the lowest level of just 2500 points (that is signed 40,000) plus USD 50 can be changed to,

This way it will be easier for the accommodation (and this itself can also be accumulated Hyatt).


Of course the other option is to replace Agoda coupon, 20,000 points is worth 100 Yuan, which charge 100 to 10,000 yuan coupon

Equivalent to 1% of the rebate, if the BOC Macao, BNU launched 200 Yuan rebate 1, count only 0.5% in return,

Compared to Agoda coupon is great!


In addition, if you are always a few zealots, Hyatt also can be converted into airline miles for example Asia miles or companion of Phoenix, as shown in Figure

(That is, replaced–> HYATT–> by credit card will be replaced for other air miles)



But the RATE is very poor, for example 5000 HYATT can be replaced with 3200 Phoenix friend, RATE will be in the MOP/25.


In addition, Visa Signature because it is considered a high-end card, enjoy some exclusive benefits, VISA signature Hong Kong official website

More than Visa Platinum card in Visa booking Luxury Hotel Collection website can enjoy free breakfast, room upgrades, WiFi, late checkout privileges


BCM Visa Signature has the following benefits:

1. No annual fee

2. Send first 2 free PP VIP room.Sign a 40,000-year free 1.

3. Overseas charge 3 times,


Application requirements: MOP 500,000 a year or more


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