Low sat airlines can also store AsiaMiles miles!

AsiaMiles partners very much,

For example, through Expedia, Agoda (see this) book the hotel, or treasure, to be made in the number

But ticket products, whether through Expedia or travel agency for cooperation,

Are not accumulated miles (some exceptions, such as Ctrip on Cathay Pacific/Dragonair set their own air tickets can be stored).


But recently, xiaobian asiamiles and found partners in the

Have a Web site that specializes in tickets and even to Book cheap airlines tickets!

This site is KIWI.com (formerly skypicker)-https://shop.asiamiles.com/zh/travel/Kiwi-com-China

Main cheap air tickets, every USD 1 can earn 1.75

Download (2)




Macau Taipei in a small check to have cheap airline Tiger Airways tickets.(Macao-Shanghai Spring Airlines was not found)




But after booking can not be cancelled for a refund, changes also need to pay




Currently only VISA and MasterCard to pay for less card support.


If message ishop is true, low sat airlines, or non-cooperation of Asia Miles airline to accumulate miles!

** Small is not measured whether the method is feasible, whether someone has not been shared on the network can be successfully stored-Asia miles, to be tested