Happy new year ~ Macao people can play micro letter envelopes


Congratulation ~SmartCard Macao wish you a monkey to big!

~ By the way the recent Netizen querying the micro-payment with you in the new year the people of Macao opened

Can ~ during the lunar new year to friends and family to receive a red envelope


First of all, even if there is no open "micro-payments" function,

Can in fact be "received" red envelopes received after there is a micro account amounts,

But due to the traditional Chinese users to hide the "wallet" function

Keep interface queries the account balances, some users cannot use the balance to other red envelopes.

(After the receive red envelopes, but some users may automatically open "wallet" function)


To open the "wallet" function, simply interface languages into "English" can,

IPhone users may need to convert the area into mainland China

In addition, some netizens said to completely log off the account, log in again to be successful.

Emergence of the "wallet" feature, back to your favorite language.



After the opening, you can send and receive normal balance envelopes


In the "wallet", you can see how many red packets are received,




If you connected a bank card, you can use bank account red hair (currently limited to the Mainland bank card).

** Permit last 2 digits is the number of replacement, connected micro-payment, the final 2 yards can be omitted, otherwise it will display the status information is not correct.


Of course, micro-payment in addition to the red hair, if connected the continent of mainland bank card or credit card, it can be used for consumption,

To accept the store paid app to produce mobile payments, money in bank account deduction/credit.

Now although you can link Macao AE/JCB/MASTERCARD/VISA a credit card, but after binding, cannot be paid for the time being.And credit cards are not red hair well.



Micro-letter to the elders to make red ~~GOGO