Phoenix Salon change in mind: 60,000 times in Beijing-United States



November 2015 in small series with 60,000 Phoenix salon for Beijing-United States flights back and forth, the following share:

1. Phoenix meeting planned for November is low season, miles one way available half price Exchange, itself needs 100,000 tickets back and forth just 60,000 in change.

2. Friends can only play the Phoenix open, which reached United States city a, on their return from the United States cities b return, but inland transport needs on its own.
Small series from Washington, and finally return trips from New York, played a few more places.

3. Phoenix Phoenix International line (Europe, United States and other places) are generally set off from Beijing or Shanghai, so people of Macao, is inconvenient, way, however small this time to Beijing early to play, is playing 1 cities.From Macau to Beijing, of course, is a different sort itself out (small flying spent 7500 series is another Exchange in Shenzhen, Yantai, and tickets from Yantai to Beijing).

4. Very expensive city, fuel surcharges, Beijing United States charge MOP 3800 Yuan.

5. Changing law: votes out of the online system, but you want to pay by bank card city, fuel and taxes.To Air Macau Macau Office to pay taxes in person or complete ticket (available only to Air China and Qantas flights)

Summary: the Exchange, highlighting the shortcomings of PhoenixMiles plan (residents of Macao), fuel fees are high, and to depart to Shanghai or Beijing, and unable to relay these costs, almost equal to just purchase a Hong Kong United States tickets back and forth! Number does not reflect their values.

Looking forward to Phoenix Salon will be adjusted in the future, to introduce more or are close to the international airport in Macau line.