Macau foreign PayPal: PAYPAL

Given that the PAYPAL business to Macao,

At present, Macau registered PAYPAL needs some tips.


First of all, if you simply online shopping,

Doesn't have to be a registered Paypal account can pay by credit card,

But most Macau-issued credit card is not accepted,

Macao can be successfully used at present consumption of PAYPAL, small series of tests the banker HK VISA Platinum card

Also share Wing Hang Hong Kong dollar credit card, BCM Hong Kong dollar credit card, and so on.(Note that if the goods are not settled in Hong Kong dollars, General 1.95% foreign currency conversion fee)

If city accounts, mainland Bank China UnionPay debit card can also be used.


For example the following figure shops accept payment by Paypal,



Enter the Paypal page, select "use a debit or credit card payments," select country "China", the following optional "Macau"

Enter the card number after.

(But note that some stores may set must be PAYPAL registered users can check out)





For example, you click on the link below, you can pay for this station ~ ~






Of course, if you want to sign up for a PAYPAL account, you can see the following introduction:

1. PAYPAL does not provide "Macao" up, so can only be registered from official website official website of Hong Kong or the Mainland, and registration requires the cell phone, so you need to have a Hong Kong or the Mainland mobile phone number.** Xiaobian recommended registering city, PAYPAL, for Macao people to the city, opening a bank account is convenient and subsequent use of other PayPal features such as authentication, drawing and so on would be more convenient.

paypal (2)3


2. After you create an account, and is not immediately available due to temporary "uncertified" (small series have been certified in the following figure), need to link bank account, debit card or credit card, to be certified.

paypal (2)


3. Can be seen in the following figure, with a continental bank account certification, small city, industrial and commercial bank, is used.

PAYPAL in addition to pay, can also be used for receivables (bank fee will apply).But can be seen in the following figure, the Mainland accounts can only be used for certification are unable to make PAYPAL payments, even if someone from PayPal transfer money into your PayPal account, but you can't take cash accounts in the Mainland.PayPal withdrawal are the mainland city, in recent years, or directly from PayPal withdrawals to the Mainland in the future account.

About other ways to raise cash from PAYPAL, Paypal withdrawal methods: Payoneer card global payment service Paypal withdrawal methods and Macau people 2: Hong Kong Bank ATM card/ICBC speed meeting

paypal (2)4


4. Paypal is convenient, after binding the ATM card or credit card, each consumer would not have to re-enter the card number and other data.And shipping address will be the default is PayPal address of the data.

Currently, PAYPAL does not accept all debit cards and credit cards issued by Macao.But there are exceptions, the banker HK VISA Platinum card, BCM Hong Kong dollars, Wing hang credit cards temporarily.

Small series in the following figure attempts to add other Macao of ATM cards and credit cards, but at the time of payment, PayPal will be refused.

paypal (2)6



5. If mainland bank card or cards in Hong Kong, you can smooth consumption as follows addendum to the small city, AE, AE, and so on in Hong Kong.

paypal (2)7


* The banker HK card 2, Master titanium gold and VISA Platinum, respectively, only HKD VISA Platinum card you can use PAYPAL Oh, card see chart






2 thoughts on “Macau foreign PayPal: PAYPAL

  1. Hello, i’ve checkedyour page in Chinese but I don’t understand so, I am sending a message here.
    I am trying to find out the way to open my PayPal business account in Macau. I’ve already created an account but am stuck at the bank account. Do you know if there is any bank available for PayPal business in Macau? Thanks.

    1. hi, paypal don’t provide any services in macau, also don’t support remit money to macau bank account.
      i suggest you do it in hong kong. the first thing you should settle a bank account in hong kong,
      than you can use your hong kong bank card/account to “connect”(authorization) your paypal account.
      transfer money from paypal to Hong Kong Bank account is cheap(about hkd 3.5/each time),
      for your information.