Talk about studying drawing and free remittance methods


(1th of small card, HSBC ATM card is Macau, because the PLUS sign …)


To say many years ago, small series is preparing to study abroad,

Senior sister at that time, went to the Bank to apply for a plus card, withdrawals can in the field (sweet smile) ~

But this plus card, in fact, have never been used, because I bring cash to the local.


Then I know the back of your card, you often see signs, ATM available on its behalf:

1. Plus: is the Visa network, plus signs ATM withdrawals.

2.Cirrus: is the MasterCard network, with the Cirrus symbol ATM withdrawals.

3.Jetco silver, China Union pay, such as analogies



Of course, the overseas ATM fees (about 20~30 yuan/times),<小編的HSBC卡,即使在澳門的櫃員機查詢餘額也要收手續費!!! 怒!=""></小編的HSBC卡,即使在澳門的櫃員機查詢餘額也要收手續費!!!>

This kind of card drawing has its advantages:

1. Do not carry large amounts of cash overseas.(By check or risk assessment)

2. don't have to change money on their own.Local ATM withdrawals can be made in local currency.Exchange rate conversion, organized by card, today Visa/MasterCard/Union Exchange rates are not too far away.

3. Compared to traditional wire transfer method, fees are lower.


Citi Bank launched the global Citi branches early card withdrawal fee-free offers (see this), unfortunately, Citi has not made personal service in Macao.



In addition, at present, some banks such as industrial and commercial bank,

Also launched the global remittance services (see ICBC speed meeting),

Free or with a lower fee remittance overseas of ICBC.Is very affordable.



Traditional money transfer company Western Union cooperate with the Macao postal savings Bureau,

Remittances in some locations, and then to the local collection, see the