GlocalMe 4G Wifi artifact! Global 1-button power on the Internet! 6000mAh when external battery!

Study abroad travelers often have Wifi needs,

In addition to rent through WiFi, or buy Internet access from the local SIM card,

In recent years has launched a global WiFi products,

For example this article on GlocalMe introduction of 2nd generation 4G WiFi sharing GlocalMe G2:





Chinese film is introduced:


GlocalMe is 1 device, you need to buy when you want to use it, according to the volume of billing, there are 2 ways:

1. Local buying Internet SIM card, then insert the device, can share up to 5 devices at the same time;
(That is, you travel to a place, think local SIM card is less expensive and available local SIM, glocalme acts as a WiFi sharing Manager role)

2. If you think the local SIM is more expensive, but I don't need to buy a SIM card, available at the official website top glocalme area plan for Internet access.In addition, about not much, can also directly use the Euro 0.05/MB Internet (about HKD 0.43), maximum daily charge euro 10 caps!




Pictured above are visible, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan to share 3GB, costs about € 40, about 350 HKD, valid for 1 year, not expensive.


Glocalme G2 launches in Hong Kong last year, also reported on:

Zero roaming FireShot Ca[AM730 新科玩]pture first 4G 12-GlocalMe G2



Size comparison with the iPhone 6:




Other parameters:




Due to battery 6000 mAh, can also be used as an external cell phone!


Small series of experience:

1. Rent WiFi in the field often have been the speed limit issue, that is, after 1 day of use how much traffic, the speed will be limited to 3G or 2G, and glocalme does not have this problem

2. rent regular WiFi with principles of fairness, that is, after 1 day of use how much traffic will be stopped the network, glocalme and had no problems

3. when used in small quantities in billing about HKD 0.43/MB acceptable

4. capacity 6000mAh, basic day daytime no problem!


Glocalme G2 price USD 200, Amazon is now launched USD41 discounts–>glocalme

Color there are three types: white, Brown and coffee

* Note: glocalme has introduced the 1th generation G1, G1S, but does not support 4G, the latest version is G2 in support of 4G!