Japan Macao can also charm a JCB card (city card)




Application in the article city, credit card in hand,

Introduces the continent of Macao residents may also apply for Bank-issued credit card,

Therefore, if you want to have a JCB/Diners Club Macau free cards issued by,

By City Bank application is a simple and feasible method.


JCB tend to have entrance tickets/ticket free of charge, on presentation of a credit card, for instance, recently:

Of course there are other promotions: http://www.jcbcard.CN/campaign/index.html


But more than some gold holders can enjoy Chinese airport/HSR golden century VIP service,

9 JCB PLAZA Lounge (located in the urban area to rest, tourism information, charge and other services),

Platinum Japan, JCB lounges at the airport in Hawaii!

Therefore, small apply for a JCB card disposal is deemed worthy of just as well.



Processes visible and broadly applied for city credit cards: apply for a city card hands


Because the Mainland business card standard is a mystery, small application has been refused on equal terms, such as calls to inform without mainland addresses cannot run, no property does not do, but sometimes it will suddenly succeed, as shown below:

Unnamed (2)


Moreover, the batch of cards and card applications may be different, such as groups of small make up application is ctrip JCB card (VIP service-free website),

But grant was JCB UnionPay dual card (VIP service).



In addition to the industrial and commercial bank, all other issuing JCB cards in mainland: http://www.jcbcard.CN/CS/card/