2016 for the second half of the season came out 20 percent of Shandong ~8 discount Exchange in domestic/international flights


Members of the voice of the Phoenix companies, in addition to Air China, Air Macau, Shenzhen Airlines, a

Shandong Airlines is also a member of

In May this year, Shandong Airlines announced the second half of the season offers (from November 1 to December 30), minimum number of just 20 percent for tickets!

* Limited to Shandong Airlines flights


Domestic flights:



Can be seen in the above table, closer to the Zhuhai and Macau airports are offering concessions,

Go to Nanning, Nanchang, Guiyang, Qingdao/Chongqing////from 30 percent of Xiamen ~7 fold, because it is a domestic flight, taxes and fees are very cheap.


International line:


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International routes, mainly in Shandong area, such as/Jinan/Qingdao, Yantai, has a lower discount, place of departure too far from Macau, with less access to these benefits.

Details: http://www.shandongair.com.CN/hydxjh/1795.html