Call hotels earn miles/points! OneSimCard virtual multi-number phone cards




Foreign telephone company introduced a product called OneSimCard PLUS,

In addition to answering the phone for free in multiple countries and receiving SMS outside

Answer/make a call at a time can earn miles! Following the introduction!



OneSimCard PLUS is a phone card, equipped with 1 European Estonia (Estonia) cell phone number,

In 162 countries worldwide free phone (China/Hong Kong/Canada/United States/several European countries and Japan, and so on, but not including Macao, detailed list, see this)

Receive SMS free worldwide.Call a local telephone in terms of USD 0.25 (close to HKD 2 Yuan per pass, a bit expensive.OneSimCard support both VoIP calls will be cheaper)


With OneSimCard is equipped with European number, someone else contact their equal to dial roaming, you will need to pay expensive roaming charges!

OneSimCard PLUS to buy phone service,

Calls can be purchased up to 61 different countries on the same Sim Card into 1, Kato.

Mobile phone prices, see * note that can receive SMS number can only be Estonia/United States/Canada phone number


But be careful, when not with Estonia in Europe (Estonia) cell phone number to receive calls,

And the charge for SMS on all calls received,

You want at least 0.2 USD/per minute, or about HKD RMB 2 per each minutes roaming calls is acceptable, even for local calls, is very expensive.

** Xiaobian this SIM card is suitable for use for people living in Europe, only use the original Estonia phone numbers, preferably to answer, because roaming charges between countries of the European Union in recent years has been reduced, and next June 2017 would eliminate roaming charges between EU countries, EU countries will become a local telephone call between.


In addition, the line with Canada purchase Data in addition to voice and sms,OneSimCard of Internet programmes, interested to understand fees


OneSimCard rate is stored-value mining model, charge for any call, SMS account balance under the premise to operate.



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This time, focused on one of the OneSimCard is PLUS you can receive/make calls at the same time earning miles!

Cooperation plan in addition to AsiaMiles, United States aviation, a IHG, Hilton, Marriott and other hotel loyalty programs,

But selected only one programme.


Plans for cooperation are as follows:





Answering the telephone at least 1 minute to earn a 1,

Call each source for the unlimited minutes to earn the 1.


OneSimCard PLUS now at about USD Amazon price 37 (including stored value of USD 10) click here


When you send the card to have been equipped with micro, Nano and the size of the traditional size, suitable for a variety of phones.


After receiving the SIM card, you need to enter the official website activation, remembered at the same time enrolled in mileage/Hotel plan, per call to earn miles!


Video introduction: