Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, JCB PLAZA LOUNGE<2016.06></2016.06>


Xiao bian recently by Mainland banks for JCB card (see), this time to introduce today's JCB offers

JCB cardholders only by card, you can enter the global 9 JCB PLAZA LOUNGE (list),

JCB and JCB PLAZA LOUNGE is different from airport lounges, PLAZA LOUNGE located in the urban area

Provides cardholders tourist information, booking services, short breaks, snacks, charging, and so on.


JCB PLAZA LOUNGE located in Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong song Feng commercial building, 6F (with access to the Macau Ferry Terminal near)




After entering, need to show your JCB card, registration of service personnel







Is a simple, small space, major Hong Kong Tourist information available in Japanese (of course staff understand Cantonese),

Japan traveler should be very helpful.




You can get a coupon or promotional information, such as the recent Hong Kong Observatory 80 percent discount, and a 75 percent discount for the Airport Expresswpid-wp-1466673759969.jpeg


In addition to the PLAZA LOUNGE,JCB in Tokyo opened JCB and JCB PLAZA Tokyo and Kyoto PLAZA Kyoto, offers a similar service (details)

JCB site introduces–>http://www.jcbcard.CN/promotion/hellojapan/08_plaza_kyoto.html