Macau Paypal withdrawal method 2: Hong Kong Bank ATM card/ICBC speed meeting

In the previous article: Macau Paypal withdrawal methods: Payoneer card global payment services

Introduced the practice of one from PAYPAL withdrawals.

For Macau, but Payoneer, high cost (at least 3%), may not be practical.


Describes this 2nd extract money from the PAYPAL approach.


In PAYPAL withdrawal options, 1 is transferred money into bank accounts in Hong Kong,

Cheap fees, just HKD3.5:

Untitled 4



In other words, simply open an account in Hong Kong, and low handling cost will be financed by the PAYPAL check out,

But now, to move money from a Hong Kong bank account back to the Macau bank account

Most banks charge about about HKD200/wire transfer fees,

Increased transaction costs.


So, the universe's biggest bank said the ICBC in recent years, with its strong network, launched a very friendly service: ICBC speed meeting

Talk about studying before the withdrawal and free remittance method is introduced,

As long as the funds are mobilized in ICBC system to make silver speed meeting will greatly reduce the cost of labor,


For example, remittance from Hong Kong ICBC Asia to Macau for ICBC, free of any charge (original price HKD80/, concession before the end of 2016)

ICBC into ICBC Asia, Hong Kong and Macao, you need HKD 60 Yuan/time costs (compared to General wire transfers will be charged 200 Yuan/times, I would say very cheap).

Click here for details,

This method for those who need more money back to Macau.


If the amount is small, consider direct debit card,

Now in Hong Kong to open accounts, simply apply for a debit card (generally the China UnionPay and JETCO network), in Macau can be ATM withdrawals,

Fees only HKD 15~30 range, suitable for small amounts of cash.


But note that is,

  1. Not all banks are Macao residents open an account
  2. Hong Kong bank account to deposit less than 10,000 yuan (some banks are 5000), will charge HKD15~30 per month fee


Account requirements:

  • Open an account in person to Hong Kong
  • Passport/ID
  • The address within three months (such as telephone bill, utility bill, credit card bill, and so on, most can't use online print version)
  • Immigration records
  • Account funding