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In addition to part of credit card holders of "enthusiasts",

In fact, most of the cardholder may be more interested in discounts or rebates

Following the introduction of Macao's banks rebate program! Point chart to enlarge


Tai Fung Bank


Dafeng due to different credit card consumption can enjoy double points for different categories, with a name card holder under the last integral can be combined with,

Give them the higher rebate rates,

I-card up to 5% (2016.8.12 updated: iCard suspended 10 times) and the CTM Visa Signature up to 3%,

Worth noting is that supermarket credit card in addition to the charge points, 10th, 20th extra "cash rebate at 5%."

It is regrettable that, Dafeng points cannot be converted into credit amount can only be replaced with supermarket coupons,

Score when money makes "FUN money accumulation" plans, participating merchants only, Jinlong electric appliance, Caltex, OTO and several stores.

So rather than direct rebates "debit amount" would be more pale.See this for details.




As ICBC directly to 10,000 points in Exchange for a charge for 50 Yuan (see this),

Together with bits and pieces of the integral can also "points when money is made" (arrived 1 200 points) involved in the store (see list),

Cardholders can use more flexible integration.

In addition, new Yaohan credit card charge request can be traded in for new Yaohan coupons, rebate rates also have the highest 3%.See this


Commercial Bank


BCM only a Doraemon can enjoy direct VISA credit card rebates, and Platinum sign 1% cash rebate for over 200 birthday on 2%, no limit, so fit love rebate cardholders with no brain card.Web see this

While other commercial banks credit card participation in the points program, cautioned that the BCM at present is the integral of each credit card has a separate account, so using different credit cards to earn points, will fall into a different account when you want to use integral, BCM has the right to decide whether or not to merge points used.See this for details.As far as share, although points separate accounts, but generally can merge points used.


Overseas Wing hang


OCBC VIVA outside of basic 0.5% rebates, Visa Signature card,

Additional up to make 200 yuan in return, more suited to know the month there will be a larger amount of charge (beverage category) card (card page to see this).

Worthy of mention is the Macau pass credit card charge request Macau pass 50~100 additional free bonus (see this).

Wing hang points program can also change the debit amount, the cardholder may apply according to your needs for different credit cards, such as UnionPay Platinum charge is 1.5 times that for overseas, SHE credit card Sunday signed 1.5 times or oil into My Car/MyMini credit cards in bonus rebates or 1.5 times points.

For details, see this




Atlantic VISA/MASTER/China UnionPay cards per 200 Yuan rebate of 1 Yuan, or 0.5%, simple and direct.

AE gold card issued by Atlantic latest rebate offers (updated October 2016):
Overseas charge 1% in return, the local 0.75% rebate, no minimum charge requirements or limit.First year annual fee is free.See this.

Points of Atlantic AE daily debit card 0.5% rebate rate priority will deduct MOP600 annual fee,

On demand check of 120,000 yuan, subsequent credit to 0.5% rate rebate into credit card accounts.Exceptions are in the SHELL and Caltex Oil, the charge on monthly statements will immediately 0.66% in return, or a travel agency/airline/single sign on over 500 overseas, when the charge can be immediately 0.66% rebate.

For details, see this




Silver: charge 200 rebate 1 Yuan, or 0.5%, since the overseas charge no fees, so it is also dumb brush options.

International: in Exchange for coupons, plan to see this.Le Tour, Mastercard may be registered.

HSBC: in Exchange for coupons, plan to see this.


American Express Hong Kong Blue Cash/IT Cashback


Macao people can apply, perennial 1% return, the fulfilment of the annual charge bonus up to HKD1000,

But annual fee of HKD980 Yuan.For details, see this


Simply put, if you want to select no brain any brush or specific sign requirement higher cash rebate credit card, consider:

  1. Doraemon Commercial Bank VISA Platinum (1% rebate per check over 200 birthday, 2%), the main local MOP consumption
  2. /VISA silver currency UnionPay card (0.5%), no currency conversion charge overseas, the major overseas charge
  3. American Express Hong Kong Blue Cash/IT Cashback (E1 1%), the main force in HKD and MOP consumption (HKD980)
  4. Freedom to mix other bank credit cards, in addition to the rebate, but your credit card discounts will save more


More in return … …

Banks in return, Macao residents have more plans will be able to participate,


MasterCardLe Tour

Now Dafeng/commercial/overseas Wing hang and 4 banks of MasterCard International has been able to register Le Tour and, at designated shops or shopping site can have an additional score of Le Tour, in Exchange for the gifts.See introduction



Regardless of any credit card, are available via TopCashBack specified site consumption to get back (home to Paypal accounts or Amazon account),

Xiao bian recommended links: http://goo.gl/M9W437

Teaching Hong Kong credit card up to a small Web site, click here



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