Kinabalu! Travel insurance shopping/travel inconvenience insurance/security/hassle-free credit card consumerism Macau insurance benefits at a glance


Credit card interest in addition to the VIP room, rebate and points,

Some credit cards also came with the insurance interests

But some insurance even without card holders can enjoy, together with Macau Bank are mostly free from the market conditions annual fee,

Are there cards there is shelter, following the introduction!


1. Commercial banks: the Australian owners of credit cards, only Australia-wide credit card gifts "accident insurance", global security!

Most credit card gifts are "travel insurance", but the Australian owners of commercial bank credit cards, cardholders automatically have accident insurance in the world, no checking account required!

Even the most basic of "bless" insurance, but it is better than having nothing, Macau insurance underwriting.

  • Cardholder can enjoy complimentary personal accident insurance plan in the world, Platinum cardholders in any part of the world due to accidental death, the amount of guarantee will be given 100,000 patacas and titanite gold cardholders enjoy the guarantee of MOP 50,000 yuan.
  • Card can cover 85 percent discount Macau insurance personal accident insurance plan or home home insurance plan.



2.  Silver currency credit cards: o credit card travel insurance

Silver currency credit card other than just to leave Macao will receive 7 days of travel insurance, underwritten by the China Pacific.

But the main guarantee death, permanent disability or accidental injuries, not including flight delays, lost luggage, and so on.



3.  Silver wealth Visa Infinite credit card, Silver Gold/Platinum

Silver wealth Visa Infinite credit card holders do not have to go through any procedure in advance,

Opening access to free global travel protection, global consumer protection, and emergency medical support services to the Mainland of China (subject to conditions).

But this high application thresholds, is generally the Bank invited customers to apply for.For details, see this


In addition, silver over gold card or cardholder have travel protection, details of the protection and the application of the necessary enquiries to the ICBC.


4. Atlantic Bank: American Express Gold card shopping guarantee/travel insurance

AE consumer protection is one of the selling points of this brand, in addition, there are gifts of travel insurance:

  • Free travel insurance: travel overseas card when purchasing air tickets, booking hotel rooms, which enjoy free travel protection, including delays in travel insurance, travel accident insurance, travel insurance and overseas hospital insurance
  • Consumer protection: no matter when and where, to the card shop, such as theft or damage, all can enjoy shopping protection.



5. American Express-Hong Kong shopping/travel delay protection and accident

AMEX American Express charge cards or credit cards issued in Hong Kong, most are available to enjoy a wealth of insurance, underwritten by the ACE Insurance.

In General green card, for example, cardholders can enjoy:

  • 45-consumer protection: check or purchase goods from within 45 days, unfortunately, theft or accidental damage, will be eligible for compensation.
  • Travel accident insurance: pay by card on the journey tickets, train tickets or other transportation costs, cardholders and families automatically exclusive coverage of up to HK$800,000 for free travel accident insurance.
  • Travel delay protection: If the passengers of flight delays, missed connecting flights or baggage delay, are compensable.


In addition, higher level cards can enjoy the so-called "worry-free consumerism" security content contains:

  • Return guarantee: the United States American Express card to purchase goods in Hong Kong if there is any dissatisfaction, simply signing purchase returned within days 30th United States express, will refund to the cardholder
  • 45-consumer protection: check or purchase goods from within 45 days, unfortunately, theft or accidental damage, will be eligible for compensation.
  • Extended maintenance services: the United States Express card to buy goods, as long as it has 1-3 year manufacturer guarantee, the guarantee can be extended for 1 year.When the original manufacturer's maintenance period expires, to extend the maintenance service will take immediate effect.Each card account each year may be up to HK$150,000 of the cost of repairs, and items can be insured up to HK$40,000.
  • Price guarantee: to United States American Express card within 14 days after the shopping and found other stores priced cheaper than goods you purchased in Hong Kong, it will return the difference between the



More detailed contents insurance, card cardholder agreement:






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