Economic identity: personal credit report

Bank personal loans or credit cards,

In addition to assets, such as proof of income documents,

A compelling personal credit report files is also very strong.


In recent years, the people's Bank of China has been gradually opening its credit platform,,

Hong Kong and Macao residents in the Mainland such as bank loans, credit cards have been issued,

Credit Center will have record can apply for personal credit report.

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Application reports in the past, may need personally to the people's Bank of China branches

But recent credit platform has been accepting applications for Hong Kong and Macao residents to permit online (registration, permit the final 2 yards can be removed),

After 24 hours you can generate reports, downloading from the Internet is very convenient

For example, a small summary of the addendum to the report records such as the following appears:


This report may have to apply for a loan, credit card, or a visa help.

However, because mainland banks also have permission to access to credit information Center reports, it is generally not provided.