Posture of some airport lounges


Macau VIP room of the credit card scheme in the article list,

Macau VIP room came with the credit card interest is introduced.

And more recently users have questions about the actual use of airport lounges,

This is a common problem, and small series of recent experiences in the use of airport lounges, organized into a simple Q&A:

  1. How was I to know they have the banks give free VIP room number?
    Most banks charge full year, can enjoy free use of the number next year, but may not take the initiative to inform the cardholder, at this point we need to call the Bank.
  2. Access to airport lounges are required?
    (1). Asian Lounge: present a boarding pass + with the name of the credit card.
    (2). Priority Pass lounges: have to show boarding pass +Priority Pass card to enter.Because banks may not take the initiative to Priority Pass membership, one must apply to the Bank.
  3. I already have another bank of Priority Pass membership card, PP between different bank cards can share?
    PP card cannot be shared between different banks, such as bank a number of free gifts, can only use PP card issued by the Bank a complimentary lounge access.
  4. My bank only get free Priority Pass number, you can enter the VIP room of the Plaza?
    Due to Priority Pass is a loyalty program, actually part of the Plaza lounge in cooperation with Priority Pass, such as Macau Airport Plaza Lounge can PP card access.
  5. How do I know if I have access to an airport lounge?
    Available at the Plaza website ( or PP ( direct access.
    Note: some banks will limit gifts only specified the city's airport lounges, especially Asian lounge Dafeng qualifying VIP room of the 8 different airports in Asia, according to this list.While the United States all the more visible list.
    Banks rationed PP number free, generally will not qualify the PP which airport lounges.
  6. Will bring along friends and family use?Friend number can I use my free?
    Free number is generally limited to cardholder use, bring friends and family with surcharge.Macau VIP room with only the BOC credit card free number can be shared with friends and family, as evidenced by
  7. Can I PP card credit card or directly to friends and family and let them use it?
    Need to check their credit card when entering/PP names on the card must be and boarding pass names are the same, so in theory it is not feasible.
  8. /PP card I have more than one credit card number are free, please give me with their family and friends to enter, use my name on a different card and access to?
    According to the share, lounges in General does not allow the same Member multiple cards at the same time to enter, so it may not be feasible.(But may actually be feasible)
  9. Will the children free admission?
    General free of charge together with children under 2 years old to enter.Individual articles may be different to check PP or Asian sites.
  10. How long can be used at a time?
    Generally a 2 or 3 hours, comes into play when his staff printed receipt will be used longer.Share over time are unlikely to be driven.


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