Credit card in addition to rebates, points for gifts, AsiaMiles or Phoenix PhoenixMiles mileage plans,

Debit cards are generally required to charge an annual fee, a share may request an exemption, there are examples of successful immunity.

  • SPG:8000 express points into 330 SPG points



Following the case of Hilton, the hotel is divided into 10 levels, lowest level of just 5000 HHonors points to free of charge, to express the integral 1250 HHonors points calculation every 8000 points, just charge HKD 32,000 yuan, if you participate in the "double plus tour", that is just a charge over HKD 18,000 yuan, you can get free accommodation.



For example, the cheaper brands owned by Hilton Garden Inn, its rooms are available in the Shenzhen 5000 HHonors points for:



Some Hilton Hotels points + cash can be used to Exchange, Conrad to Macau, for example, in addition to 40,000 HHonors points (called "double plus rewards" charge 128,000), HKD504+1 all 6,000 Exchange HHonors points can also be used (that is, in "double plus rewards" charge 51,200 plus HKD504 for.)。


Of course, the hotel's prices often change with the seasons and supply, what for to make cost-effective, need to study again before the Exchange.



And because United States express the integral plan with an expiry date of no points, meaning, you can start accumulating express points, when there is a need, local hotels have 2 brand, then considered to be transferred to the Hilton or SPG, then go to the hotel.


Also worth mentioning is the express credits converted to hotel loyalty program points, and no fees.



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