Quickly after emigrating to apply for American Express credit card/check card


If you have plan to emigrate, or studying abroad,

Upon arrival at the local, apply for a credit card may be more difficult,

United States, for example, apply for credit cards usually require credit history and student to place people at the beginning, of course, does not have the record,

So often rejected, needed after a period of residence, by applying for low limit or interest accumulated fewer credit cards credit reports.

This is to introduce United States express a global card services, if before you move with AE card can be in upon arrival at the local, based on your past credit history to approve new AE card, faster credit card date:

Application URL: http://www.americanexpress.com/global-card-transfers/?page=CM&lang=ch&market=hongkong


Is in need of attention, not any AE cards can do this service articles listed:

American Express Corporate Cards and American Express Cards issued by Banks other than an American Express Bank are not eligible through this Card application process.

AE card issued by the Bank (such as Macau's BNU AE card) or AE company cards do not apply for this service.


In other words, Hong Kong and Macao residents who wish to apply for this service,

Only apply for Hong Kong United States express issuing personal credit card (credit card) or debit card (credit card) only.

If you have a credit card, turn card is a credit card.(For example, debit card, turn card is a charge card)

Need kayou, may wish to consider an earlier application, the cumulative record after going abroad to apply for American Express credit card.


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